Autism and Language acquisition

Autism and Language acquisition – basic knowledge seminar for all target groups with specific in-depth knowledge


  • Autism: symptoms and manifestations,
  • Theoretical knowledge of early childhood development and early childhood communication,
  • Aspects of the anatomy and the functions of the brain,
  • Respect! – Overall development under difficult conditions,
  • the physiologic cause of Autism,
  • Contrasting of the unimpaired path of development and the development with autism,
  • the acquisition and features of language, different areas of competence,
  • possible linguistic competence of autistic persons,
  • Contrasting of the unimpaired language acquisition with that of autistic persons,
  • possibilities of boosting body & soul of those affected.


  • The participants learn about the cause and the development of autism,
  • The participants acquire awareness about and sympathy for autism,
  • The participants will be given guidance for practical help.

Number of participants: 12 – 20

Next date: on appointment

Location: by arrangement

Fees: 175,00 € per person

Referee: Susanne Ott