My offer

Every human being is a multi-layered system and follows logical regularities in its development. All development processes take place simultaneously on different levels. If only a part of the original development plan is impaired, this has consequences in different areas.

We can learn to understand autism by making ourselves aware of these different levels and areas, explaining them and then classifying them in chronological order.

In generally understandable language and vividly supported by graphics, we work out the process of autism’s development. This includes a comparison of the unimpaired with the impaired course, an explanation for the wide range of symptoms as well as how compensation mechanisms develop.

My target groups are

  • Affected persons and their relatives,
  • Educators, curative nurses and teachers,
  • Students of special education/inclusive schooling, developmental neuropsychopathology and speech therapy,
  • all those interested.

In my lectures I impart basic knowledge that helps to understand autism. In my half-day and full-day training sessions we take up different aspects of the topic and work on them in depth, e.g.

I am interested in the exchange of knowledge and look forward to hearing from you at info@susanne-ott.com

I would be happy to arrange my fee personally for specific enquiries.


Furthermore, I am happy teaching life skills to youngsters and adults.