My offer

Autism presents itself as a highly complex path of development – we only see the tip of the iceberg.

The distinctive feature about my work is that I am using a systemic and holistic approach. Every human is a multi-layered system containing his intrinsic principles of development. We learn that in the course of development, there are certain principles of mental functioning at work.

We can learn to understand Autism by becoming aware of those areas and levels, by differentiating and explaining them. If we then place the obvious symptoms into a chronological sequence, we can gain true and comprehensive understanding about the extent of this impairment.

I illustrate the physiological cause of autism and summarize its course of development. This comprises a comparison of the unimpaired and the impaired course of development, an explanation for the wide scope of symptoms as well as how affected persons try to compensate their challenges.
Using easy and communicative language and effective graphics makes the contents simple to grasp.

This way on the one hand we become aware of the complexity of each normal course of development, on the other hand the difficulties of those affected become comprehensible right back from their source.


With the aim of exchanging information I address

  • affected persons themselves and their relatives,
  • educators, child carers/kindergarten teachers and teachers,
  • students of special needs/inclusion, developmental neuropsychopathology and speech therapy.

In my lectures I convey fundamental knowledge, in my half-day or day workshops – depending on clients’ wishes – we discuss the contents of the lecture in depth, e.g.

I am interested in the exchange of knowledge and I am looking forward to you contacting me at http://info@susanne-ott.com .


Furthermore, I am happy teaching life skills to youngsters and adults.