General Terms and Conditions

1   Registration

1.1   For every event, a binding registration (by mail or in writing) is required, which will be considered in the order of receipt. With the signing of the registration form and the personal acknowledgement of these General Terms and Conditions it becomes legally binding. After receiving your registration you will given a confirmation (by mail or in writing). The conclusion of a written contract for work results in a legally valid contract, of which both contracting parties will receive a copy.

1.2   For my lectures, seminars and possible other further education, I charge fees according to the respective description. This does not include the costs for travel, accommodation and meals.


2   Services

2.1   On my website or otherwise, I offer lectures, seminars and books. This list does not represent a legally binding offer, but merely suggestions for differently weighted events. All offers are constantly updated and are valid until further notice.

2.2   Lectures, seminars and further training courses take place either as in-house events or in rented premises.

2.3   The participants undertake to maintain secrecy towards third parties about confidential circumstances of clients or other participants that become known to them during a seminar.

2.4   The Organiser shall issue a (time) confirmation for participation in seminars and/or further training, e.g. for presentation to the employer.


3   Learning materials

3.1   For many seminars, scripts/learning materials are provided to the participants. These may be used for private purposes, but a commercial purchase of those learning materials is not possible. Duplication and distribution of any kind in public, sale and/or transfer to third parties is prohibited.

3.2   If participants use content from these scripts/readers or from my homepage, I request that this source be indicated.

3.3   Independently created works are the intellectual property of a participant and may therefore only be published with his or her consent. Susanne Ott is granted permission to use her work without any time or place restrictions.


4   Changes to the event programme

The realization of an event depends on a minimum number of participants. If necessary, Susanne Ott reserves the right to make organizational changes. In this case, the participants will be informed in good time. Such deviations or postponements shall not entitle the participant to withdraw from the event, to reduce the participation fee or to claim damages.


5   Terms of payment

5.1   The amount of the seminar fee can be found in the seminar description. For all-day seminars it includes drinks and fruit for break times. The seminar fee must be transferred to Susanne Ott’s bank account 4 weeks before the seminar takes place.

5.2   If a participant is in default, interest on arrears at a rate of 5% p.a. may be charged.

5.3   Books will be dispatched after receipt of the invoice amount. In addition to the stated prices, shipping costs will be charged, which are shown on the invoice.


6   Cancellation

6.1   Any cancellation of the seminar must be made in writing before the seminar takes place. In case of cancellation, the cancellation fees are as follows:

– from the time of registration until 6 weeks before the beginning: 15 % of the participation fee,

– from the time of registration until 4 weeks before the start: 50 % of the participation fee

– after that the cancellation fee for non-participation / without timely cancellation is: 100% of the participation fee.

6.2   In case of cancellation by the organizer, fees already paid will be refunded immediately.

6.3   If a person is replaced and takes part in the event, the cancellation fee is waived and only a processing fee of € 30.00 is charged. In the event of premature termination of the training course, there is no entitlement to a refund of the participation fee or a reduction in the amount.

6.4   If you take part in another seminar within 6 months after cancellation, the seminar fee will be reduced by the cancellation fee which has been paid.


7   Liability

7.1   The participant is responsible for actions within and outside the event. The organizer assumes no liability for personal belongings (including the participants’ learning materials) or accidents, including damage on the way to and from the event.

7.2   Susanne Ott is not liable for linked contents and dates on the homepage.

7.3   No liability claims can be made against the organizer for the application of the acquired knowledge.


8   Data protection

All personal data of the participants will be treated strictly confidential. They will not be passed on to third parties. By submitting their personal data, participants agree that they may be used for the processing of the booked seminar.


9   Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

German law applies and the place of jurisdiction is Hamburg.