Me, myself, I

My professional biography covers a wide range of occupations in the area of special needs pedagogy, usually in the area of teaching youngsters and adults life skills and in the field of further education. I used to live and work in Scotland for about 15 years.

Throughout my teaching profession I have been researching the systemic view of life processes. My interest now is to share my knowledge with the teaching and care profession.

In future I want to teach and shed more light on autism and spread knowledge of possible practical remedies and improvements.



Professional qualifications and occupations

  • Special needs pedagogy and German Studies at Bremen University, Germany,
  • Teacher Training at ‘Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Training Course’,
  • Long term Employment at Garvald Community in the Borders Region of Scotland, amongst others, with autistic youngsters and adults,
  • Bakery and Crafts teacher in Garvald’s therapeutic setting