My expertise

My work is based on regarding man as an inseperable entity composed of Body and Soul, which incessantly correlate with one another via the emotions.

I present you with fundamental background knowledge in a depictive and memorable manner. This way you gain awareness for this completely different path of development which – at all times – is logical and systemic! Out of this, in turn, arises well deserved understanding for those affected and a new and appreciative view onto Autism.

  • Basic principles about anatomy and the functioning of the human brain,
  • Principles of the impaired course of development,
  • The role and the course of development of compensatory mechanism,
  • Imparting knowledge about various aspects of Mirror Neurons and Language,
  • Imparting deepened knowledge in the area of speech therapy or developmental neuropsychopathology,
  • Imparting practical know-how for the areas of sense perception and sensory training, neuromotor skills and language / language acquisition.