Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Nothing is more powerful

than an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo

What it’s all about

All living beings strive to complete their intrinsic blue print.
If unimpaired, this leads to developing a coherent self, composed of body and of soul. With this, we perceive ourselves as well as our surroundings. We process the information we have taken in and act on it in the best possible way, according to our inner nature.

All development trajectory occurs on various levels simultaneously.
If o
nly part of the original development is impaired, this entails various implications from thenceforth.

The origin of Autism can be found in the first weeks of gestation.
Subsequently, all further development proceeds along different lines concerning the nature of the impairment and with vast differences due to its strength. For example, the functions and even the anatomy of the brain often organize themselves untypically.

The physiological cause of Autism often goes unnoticed in public discussions. Yet, by interlocking it with other theories of early childhood development and early childhood communication, we can open up a new way of looking: Some autistic characteristics which seemed at best to be remarkable, inexplicable or weird now receive recognition and approval as unusual, specific and, in any case, compensatory!

As the number of children who are diagnosed as being autistic are rising rapidly, it is my concern to carry out further research in this field.


There is nothing more practical than a good theory!

There is nothing more practical

than a good theory!

Kurt Lewin

My offer

Autism presents itself as a highly complex path of development – we only see the tip of the iceberg.

The distinctive feature about my work is that I am using a systemic and holistic approach. Every human is a multi-layered system containing his intrinsic principles of development. We learn that in the course of development, there are certain principles of mental functioning at work.

We can learn to understand Autism by becoming aware of those areas and levels, by differentiating and explaining them. If we then place the obvious symptoms into a chronological sequence, we can gain true and comprehensive understanding about the extent of this impairment.

I illustrate the physiological cause of autism and summarize its course of development. This comprises a comparison of the unimpaired and the impaired course of development, an explanation for the wide scope of symptoms as well as how affected persons try to compensate their challenges.
Using easy and communicative language and effective graphics makes the contents simple to grasp.

This way on the one hand we become aware of the complexity of each normal course of development, on the other hand the difficulties of those affected become comprehensible right back from their source.


With the aim of exchanging information I address

  • affected persons themselves and their relatives,
  • educators, child carers/kindergarten teachers and teachers,
  • students of special needs/inclusion, developmental neuropsychopathology and speech therapy.

In my lectures I convey fundamental knowledge, in my half-day or day workshops – depending on clients’ wishes – we discuss the contents of the lecture in depth, e.g.

I am interested in the exchange of knowledge and I am looking forward to you contacting me at .


Furthermore, I am happy teaching life skills to youngsters and adults.

My expertise

My work is based on regarding man as an inseperable entity composed of Body and Soul, which incessantly correlate with one another via the emotions.

I present you with fundamental background knowledge in a depictive and memorable manner. This way you gain awareness for this completely different path of development which – at all times – is logical and systemic! Out of this, in turn, arises well deserved understanding for those affected and a new and appreciative view onto Autism.

  • Basic principles about anatomy and the functioning of the human brain,
  • Principles of the impaired course of development,
  • The role and the course of development of compensatory mechanism,
  • Imparting knowledge about various aspects of Mirror Neurons and Language,
  • Imparting deepened knowledge in the area of speech therapy or developmental neuropsychopathology,
  • Imparting practical know-how for the areas of sense perception and sensory training, neuromotor skills and language / language acquisition.



Patience and humor are two camels with whom one can cross every desert.

Patience and humor are two camels

with whom one can cross every desert.

Arabic Proverb

Me, myself, I

My professional biography covers a wide range of occupations in the area of special needs pedagogy, usually in the area of teaching youngsters and adults life skills and in the field of further education. I used to live and work in Scotland for about 15 years.

Throughout my teaching profession I have been researching the systemic view of life processes. My interest now is to share my knowledge with the teaching and care profession.

In future I want to teach and shed more light on autism and spread knowledge of possible practical remedies and improvements.



Professional qualifications and occupations

  • Special needs pedagogy and German Studies at Bremen University, Germany,
  • Teacher Training at ‘Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Training Course’,
  • Long term Employment at Garvald Community in the Borders Region of Scotland, amongst others, with autistic youngsters and adults,
  • Bakery and Crafts teacher in Garvald’s therapeutic setting


„Autismus und Spracherwerb anders denken!“ –
‘Autism and language aquisition – a new approach’
In: BEHINDERTENPÄDAGOGIK (2010), Heft 3, S. 268 – 283

„Warum Verben grün sind“ – ‘Why verbs are green’
2012, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main