Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Nothing is more powerful

than an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo

What it’s all about

Autism is easy to understand!

All living beings develop their inherent potential in the way that is best for them.
When unimpaired, a coherent self of body and mind is formed. With this we perceive ourselves as well as our environment. We then process the received information, make decisions and act on them, according to our inherent nature.

Every human being is a multi-layered system and follows universal laws in its development. Many developmental processes occur simultaneously on different levels. If only one single part of the original developmental plan is impaired, this results in a number of implications in different areas.

Autism is a highly complex course of development, visible is only the tip of the iceberg!

An early disturbance in pregnancy is considered to be the cause of autism. As a consequence, all further development proceeds qualitatively different from and with great differences to the neurotypical genesis. They are dependent on the onset and on the severity of the impairment. For example, brain functions and even brain anatomy often organize themselves atypically.

Let’s  take up the brain physiological cause of autism and dovetail it with other theories, e.g. on early childhood development or communication, on the functioning of the brain or on the construction of knowledge. A completely new view opens up: Some aspects that previously seemed inexplicable can now be understood and appreciated as personally meaningful and systemic development under difficult conditions.

There is nothing more practical than a good theory!

There is nothing more practical

than a good theory!

Kurt Lewin

My offer

You can learn to understand autism through my lectures and seminars!

In comprehensive language and supported by graphics, we work through the developmental process of autism. By raising awareness of the different levels and areas, by explaining them and then  them in a chronological progression, you will gain awareness of this fundamentally different course of development.

This includes a comparison of the neurotypical versus the autistic course, an explanation of the wide range of symptoms, and also how compensatory mechanisms develop. As a result, a comprehensive understanding for and a new and appreciative view of those affected is gained!


  • Basics and functioning of the human brain,
  • Regularities in the impaired course of development,
  • the development of compensatory mechanisms,
  • the build-up of knowledge,
  • Emotive and the cognitive embodiment and their importance,
    … from this follows …

My target groups are

  • Affected persons and their relatives,
  • Educators, special education nurses and teachers/special needs teachers,
  • Students of special education/inclusion, developmental psychopathology and speech therapy,
  • All those interested.

At present, I offer an overview lecture with a break and subsequent discussion, lasting approximately three hours. The lecture imparts basic knowledge which enables you to understand autism from the cause.  During half- or full-day seminars, we take up different aspects of the topic and deepen them.
Practical examples are very welcome! In order to prepare myself, I will need a short description of the respective situation.

My fee is determined by the length of the event as well as the number of participants. I will gladly arrange it with you personally upon request.

Furthermore, I am happy teaching life skills to youngsters and adults.

Please contact me at !

My expertise

The basis of my work is the systemic and holistic view of the human being as a unity of body and mind, which are directly interrelated through the heart, i.e. the emotions.

In a pictorial and memorable way, I convey fundamental background knowledge about autism to you, through which you become aware of this fundamentally different process. This results in a comprehensive understanding of and a new and appreciative view of those affected!

  • Basics and working methods of the human brain,
  • regularities in the impaired course of development,
  • To convey the role and the development of compensation mechanisms,
  • Knowledge transfer on different aspects of mirror neurons and language,
  • In-depth knowledge in the field of speech therapy pedagogy or developmental neuropsychopathology,
  • Teaching practical skills to improve the neuromotor apparatus, language or to train perception and senses.

Patience and humor are two camels with whom one can cross every desert.

Patience and humor are two camels

with whom one can cross every desert.

Arabic Proverb

Me, myself, I

For many years I was active in various fields of special needs education, mainly in youth and adult education. I lived and worked in Scotland for almost 15 years.

Based on my research work “Why verbs are green” on autism, I develop my lecture and training courses. Since this research project I have been particularly concerned with systemic approaches. My interest now is to share my knowledge with the teaching and care profession.

In the future I want to shed light on autism and make practical approaches known.


Professional qualifications and occupations

  • Special needs pedagogy, German and Educational Sciences at the University of Bremen (Prof. Feuser and Prof. Jantzen),
  • Teacher training at the Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Training Course,
  • Long term Employment at Garvald Community in the Borders Region of Scotland, amongst others, with autistic adolescents and adults,
  • Bakery and Arts & Crafts teacher in Garvald’s therapeutic setting


„Autismus und Spracherwerb anders denken!“ –
‘Autism and language aquisition – a new approach’
In: BEHINDERTENPÄDAGOGIK (2010), Heft 3, S. 268 – 283

„Warum Verben grün sind“ – ‘Why verbs are green’
2012, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main