What it’s all about

Autism is easy to understand!

All living beings strive to unfold their inherent potential in the best possible way.
If unimpaired, this leads to the emergence of a coherent self of body and mind. With this self, we perceive ourselves and our environment, we process the absorbed information and act in the best possible way, according to our nature.

Autism is a highly complex process of development, only the tip of the iceberg is visible!
The cause is assumed to be an early disturbance in pregnancy. As a result, the entire further development proceeds qualitatively differently and with great differences, depending on the onset and strength of the impairment. For example, brain functions and even the brain anatomy are often organized untypically.

If we take up the brain physiological cause of autism and dovetail it with other theories, e.g. on early childhood development or communication, on the functioning of the brain or on the build-up of knowledge, a new view opens up: some things that previously seemed strange or inexplicable can now be understood and appreciated as personally meaningful and systemic development under difficult conditions.

The number of children who are described as being autistic is increasing rapidly and it is my concern to investigate the reasons for this further.